‘It’s Wonderland!’ exclaimed the white hare, ‘We must go there!’ ‘Yes’, said the moderately fuzzy cat, scratching his ear. ‘We shall go to the Felt Wonderland. Magical sheep live there. Their magical wool is the best remedy for colds, bity bees, and other joy thieves. The many-colored rainbow will be back into your life at once.’

One day a similar idea inspired the married couple of artists Pavel Gavrilov and Liya Visnapu, and that was how the workshop Funny Felt appeared. In the workshop, they made everyone look differently at felting, the traditional craft of Yaroslavl land. Funny creatures greeted the audience: hares with different coats, charming tigers, well-fed cats, friendly cows, and big-hearted beauties. Soon, they were joined by motley accessories: beads, brooches, handbags, purses, and cases for mobile phones. There followed original art objects and fantastical pictures. And, of course, the felt was used directly – to make slippers and valenki (felt boots). One cannot do without them in Russia! They are universally good, though. Felt things are warm and harmless. First of all, they are made from natural sheep wool. Secondly, the work at the workshop is directed by the prominent artist and the famous illustrator of children’s books Pavel Gavrilov, who is the inventor of the original style, all the images and designer ideas. In his art, tradition intertwines with innovation. But most importantly, Funny Felt is a social enterprise. Every little thing is made by hands of women, many of whom are mothers of large families. Who else could share that much love?

The felt wonderland is growing fast. The number of its one-of-a-kind “inhabitants” is increasing. Every day brings another creative and socially beneficial business idea. Pavel and Liya are certain: home is where one feels warm and happy.

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